February 20, 2020


MINTI – WINTER two zero to zero

Minti Winter 20 - The Winter two zero two zero collection

The Minti Winter two zero tow zero collection is so full of Minti awesomeness it can be a little daunting to choose your favourites amongst all the t-shirts, dresses, hoodies, trackies and hot new Anarok jackets.

Not sure if this is intentional by Minti, a big master plan conspired by them to make us want to buy it all or if they are just that awesome and they can’t help themselves!

Even the collection name “Winter two zero two zero” is awesome and with a launch date of 20.02.2020 we can only bow down to their awesomeness and admit defeat. Not sure about you, but my creative genius is sorely lacking when it comes to theirs.

So, how do you browse Minti’s collection of Winter hoodies, t-shirts, trackies, dresses, skirts and jumpers and choose only a few favourites?

 Firstly, I like to choose my own Minti favourites. And you should too. Look at the Minti styles and Minti prints and pick the ones that stand out to you. Not the Minti dress you think will be popular this Winter season, or the Minti hoodie that you think is most likely to be the bestseller.

Instead pick the Minti jumper with the crocodile on it, because your little boy loves crocodiles. Or choose the Minti dress with the polar bear print because you think sweater wearing polar bears are just too cute!

Have a look in your little one’s wardrobe and see which pieces he or she needs most this Winter. Does he have lots of jumpers that still fit, then perhaps only get a couple of long sleeve Minti t-shirts and a few pairs of Minti trackies. Or maybe she has outgrown last year’s Winter dresses then get a few Minti dresses for her.

Then, ones you have picked a few core pieces you might want to circle back and make sure they have the correct clothing styles to match their new Minti dress or hoodie. Perhaps he needs a good pair of black Minti trackies to complete his Minti outfit. Or a pair of leggings she can wear underneath her new Minti dresses.

But if you are still having trouble deciding (and who can blame you!? Minti is pretty awesome after all) we are here to help!

We look at the Minti Winter two zero two zero collection and break it down into the different styles for boys and girls. We hope seeing all the Minti t-shirts, Minti hoodies, Minti dresses, Minti trackies, Minti skirts and Minti jackets grouped into their individual classification makes it just that little bit easier to choose.

If not, perhaps just get it all ;D


Minti Winter two zero two zero collection – Style Guide

Minti Winter 20 - The two zero two zero collection

  1. Minti Winter T-Shirts for Boys
  2. Minti Winter Crew Jumpers for Boys
  3. Minti Winter Hoodies for Boys
  4. Minti Winter Trackies for Boys
  5. Minti Winter Flannel Shirts for Boys
  6. Minti Winter Anarok Jackets for Boys and Girls
  7. Minti Winter Knitwear for Boys and Girls
  8. Minti Winter Dresses for Girls
  9. Minti Winter Skirts for Girls
  10. Minti Winter Jumpers and Hoodies for Girls (Outerwear)
  11. Minti Winter T-Shirts for Girls
  12. Minti Winter Leggings for Girls
  13. Minti Winter Velvet for Girls



Minti Winter T-Shirts for Boys

Minti Winter long sleeve t-shirts for boys are great for Autumn days when you only need a light layer to keep warm. Of course, they can also be worn during Winter under another Minti layer or two. But it would be a shame not to show of the print while you can.

Minti t-shirts for boys are made from thick breathable 100% cotton. They will keep your little dude warm without making him hot and bothered. No one likes a hot and bothered pre-schooler, Denise!

Minti t-shirts for boys often have the same awesome prints as Minti’s hoodies and jumpers with slight variations and different base colours. If you fall in love with a print it should be available in a Minti t-shirt, a Minti hoodie and sometimes a Minti jumper too.

Minti Tee Friendly Surfer Minti Tee Squares In Squares Minti Tee Messy Skater Minti T-Shirt for Boys

Our favourite Minti Winter two zero two zero t-shirts for boys are, (drumroll please) the Minti Friendly Surfer Tee, Minti Squares in Squares Tee and the Minti Messy Skater Tee.



Minti Winter Crew Jumpers for Boys

We tend to hold a few more Minti jumpers than Minti t-shirts during the Minti Winter collection since we think you will have more chances to show off your cool Minti outfit if it is an outer rather than an inner layer.

Being from Melbourne, our Winters range somewhere between freezing and miserable, therefore you will always see more Minti hoodies and Minti jumpers than Minti long sleeve tees.

Minti jumpers are made from think heavy weighted cotton with ribbed hems, necklines and self-cuffs. They are designed to keep the cold outside and the warmth inside where it matters (right over the heart).

As previously mentioned, Minti often repeat prints amongst their jumpers, hoodies and t-shirts for boys. And sometimes even between Minti's boy and girl clothing styles. At Annie and Islabean, we love a good matching print and we get extra excited when you order matching outfits for your boys and girls. Imagine the cuteness!

Minti Crew Jumper Custom Patch Minti Crew Jumper Sneaky Mask Minti Crew Jumper Ziggy Bear Minti Crew Jumper My Name is Awesome

Our favourite Minti Winter two zero two zero crew jumpers for boys are: the Minti Custom Patch Furry Split Crew, the Minti Sneaky Mask Crew, the Minti Sporty Cheetah Furry Split Crew, the Minti Ziggy Bear Split Crew and last but in no means the least the Minti My Name Is Awesome Crew.



Minti Winter Hoodies for Boys

Minti Winter hoodies for boys have the same cool prints as Minti crew jumpers but with a hood and pockets for extra warmth. So, depending on your staying warm needs a Minti jumper or a Minti hoodie may be the right choice for you.

Some kids prefer the extra protective layer that a hood provides whereas some find the hood annoying and in their way. Again, Minti is all about personal preference, choose the style that best suit your needs and the print you can’t live without.

Minti hoodies for boys are made from heavy weighted cotton, a hood, front or side pockets and ribbed hem and self-cuffs. Minti hoodies are designed to keep your little one as warm as possible but still allow for movement and breathability.

Minti Hood Friendly Surfer Pocket Hood Minti Hood - Stash Minti Hood Messy Skater Minti Hood Sports Bunny Pocket Minti Hood Rollin Cockatoo Furry Hood

Our favourite Minti Winter Hoodies this Winter season are: the Minti Friendly Surfer Furry Pocket Hood, the Minti Stash Hood, the Minti Ta-Da Furry Pocket Hood, the Minti Messy Skater Furry Pocket Hood, the Minti Sports Bunny Pocket Hood and last but not the least (our fav!) the Minti Rollin’ Cockatoo Furry Pocket Hood.

The term “Furry” refers to cotton that has been brushed on the inside. The loose fluffy fibres contain heat better and will keep your little one extra cosy. Fellow Melbournians I would go with “Furry” if I were you.



Minti Winter Trackies for Boys

So, you’ve picked a few Minti jumpers or Minti hoodies for you cool little dude. Great choices! (When it comes to Minti there is no such thing as “bad” choices.) Now it is time to circle back and choose a couple of Minti trackie pants to match your Minti hoodies and jumpers.

You can never go wrong with a pair of black trackies. They look good with everything; they are pretty much stain proof and they won’t go out of style. Hello, hand-me-down!

Our favourite (and yes, we are calling it) pair of trackies is the Minti signature “hidden-knee” style. They take cool to the next level and an added bonus is the extra movability around your little dudes’ knees. If it is stretchier around the knees, they are less likely to tear or wear thin. Hello, hand-me-down!

One of Minti’s newer trackie designs is the Minti Athletic Trackies. They have been dabbling with this design for a couple of seasons now and for the Minti Winter two zero two zero collection they have changed up the fabric to replicate the same fabric other sports brands like Nike and Adidas use. We all know athletic wear is on-trend at the moment and that trend is more and more visible in kids’ fashion too.

All other Minti trackies for boys are made from thick heavy weighted cotton. Designed with a little stretch and finished off with self-cuffs that can be rolled up if needed. Minti trackies boast of many many pockets, all deep with double stitching. No one likes frayed stitching, Denise!

To ensure that Minti trackies fit all sorts of body types they come with adjustable drawstring waistbands, which can be tightened and loosened as your little man grows during Winter.

Minti Trackies Epic Denim Blue Minti Trackies Hidden Knee Black Minti Trackies Hidden Knee Mint Tie Dye Minti Trackies Athletic Minti Trackies Furry Epic

Our favourite Minti Winter trackies for boys are the Minti Epic Trackies in denim blue, the Minti Hidden Knee Trackies in black, the Minti Hidden Knee Trackies in mint tie-dye, the Minti Athletic Trackies, the Minti Sneaky Mask Furry Trackies and the Minti Furry Epic Trackies in black.



Minti Winter Flannel Shirts for Boys

Minti’s ethos is to design clothing styles they would want to wear if they were kids. Cool kids that is. I am pretty sure Nick (co-owner of Minti) has a pair or two of flannel shirts in his wardrobe. Flannel shirts is right up his sleeve (pun intended).

We loved the new Minti Flannel Shirt design so much we decided to get them in each colour. Available in red check, green check or yellow check, all cool and should be chosen based on personal preference. If your little skater dude is a Bomber fan, he might like the red on best. (Go Bombers!) Or he might love green because it matches his eyes.

The Minti Flannel Shirts are made from super soft flannel (brushed cotton) with snap dome buttons at the front for easy dressing. The Minti Flannel Shirt has some cool features up its sleeve with a snap dome button on the outside and a loop and button on the inside so it can be worn rolled up with ease. I am sure Nick insisted on the feature based on personal experience. ;D

Minti Snappy Flannel Shirt Red Check   Minti Snappy Flannel Shirt Green Check   Minti Snappy Flannel Shirt Yellow Check

The Minti Flannel Shirts can be worn buttoned up or open over your favourite Minti t-shirt. Wear it with a pair of cool Minti trackies and go forth to amaze the world with your impeccable style and staggering awesomeness.



Minti Winter Anarok Jackets for Boys and Girls

The Minti Winter Anarok Jacket is a new jacket style this Winter, on-trend with the latest fashion movements around the world. Throughout the Rock Your Baby, Minti and Paper Wings Winter collections you will see a few space/disco theme pieces.

The Minti Anarok Jacket is designed to be worn by both boys and girls and are made of wind and waterproof material with a hood, front pockets and elastic cuffs and hem. They can double up as a windcheater and a raincoat. Plus, they look pretty awesome too.

Minti Anarok Jacket Black Minti Anarok Jacket Silver Minti Anarok Jacket Blue Minti Anarok Jacket Galaxy Black Minti Anarok Jacket Electric Blue

The Minti High Shine Anarok Jacket is available in 5 different colours and our favourites are: The Minti High Shine Anarok Jacket in black galaxy, the Minti High Shine Anarok Jacket in silver and the Minti High Shine Anarok Jacket in electric blue.



Minti Winter 20 two zero two zero collection for Boys

Minti Winter Knitwear for Boys and Girls

Minti Winter knitwear are unisex and a great staple piece to tie back with any other Minti Winter outfit. Each Winter Minti designs their knitwear with a predominant theme. Last year was all about stripes and most of their knitwear pieces had stripes in them with a cool Minti logo slash embroidery.

For the Minti Winter two zero two zero collection Minti went for a more subdued print of triangle patterns in a different knit technique. Available in a variety of colours in and both a crew neck jumper and a cardigan design.

Minti Winter knitwear for boys and girls are generously sized and up-sizing is not recommended. In fact, we would recommend getting the size down if you are aiming for a more fitted look. My girls aged 8 and 6 still fit in their Minti oversized cardigans from a couple of years a go and is one of the most worn items in their wardrobe.

Minti Knitwear Cardigan Grey   Minti Knitwear Crew Knit   Minti Knitwear Malagna Knit Dress   Minti Knitwear Malagna Knit Dress

Our favourite Minti Winter Knitwear styles for boys and girls are: The Minti Triangles Knit Cardigan in grey marle, the Minti Triangles Knit Crew in charcoal, the Minti Triangles Knit in ice blue motley and the Minti Malaga Knit Dress.



Minti Winter Dresses for Girls

Minti design some of the coolest dresses for girls you will find in Australia. One of our biggest challenges at Annie and Islabean is to choose only a few Minti dresses for girls each season. We deliberate for many hours and it is nearly impossible to predict the best sellers. For us it comes down to personal preference. We try to purchase a variety of designs to cater for all needs and personalities but at the end of the day we choose the once we would purchase for our own girls. The ones we love the most.

Minti dresses for girls are either made from light weighted cotton or thicker heavier weighted cotton. We stock both designs to cater for our customers who live in the warmer parts of Australia and for those who live in freezing Melbourne. You will find a detailed description of the fabric composition of each Minti dress under their individual description.

Often prints repeat over both the light weighted cotton and the heavier weighted cotton Minti dresses with slight variation in colour. We usually only stock one or the other but if you ever find the same print in both option it is because we loved the print so much, we had to get both.

Minti dresses for girls often sport a couple of hidden pockets on the side. They are deep seated pockets with a double stitch, the perfect size to keep little treasures safe.

This season Minti has released Winter dresses in an awesome industry first tie-dye velvet print. If someone was going think of combining super soft velvet with awesome tie-dye it had to be Minti. We can only stare in wonder and applaud their creative genius.

We broke our favourite Minti Winter dresses into two categories:

Minti Dress Spotty Bunny Minti Dress Winter Foliage Minti Dress Blueberries Minti Dress Watercolor Bunny Minti Dress Magical Seahorses

Our favourite Minti Winter dresses made from light weight fabric are the Minti Spotty Bunny Dress, the Minti Winter Foliage Dress, the Minti Blueberries Dress, the Minti Feathers Dress, the Minti Watercolour Bunny Dress and the Minti Magical Seahorse Dress in indigo blue.

Minti Dress Cosy Polar Bears Minti Dress Cockatoo Wing Minti Dress Tri Tie Dye Minti Bloom Dress Furry Minti Dress Royal Rabbits

Our favourite Minti winter dresses made from heavier weighted cotton are the Minti Cosy Polar Bear Dress, the Minti Cockatoos Wing Dress, the Minti Magical Seahorses Furry Dress, the Minti Tri Tie Dye Furry Dress, the Minti Bloom Furry Sweater Dress and the Minti Royal Rabbits Sweater Dress.



Minti Winter Skirts for Girls

Minti Winter Shimmer Skirt is a design they dabbled in during the Minti Summer 19 season. Due to its popularity they have released a similar skirt, this time with a silver thread throughout the pleated skirt, which ties in nicely with the trendy space/disco theme of Winter 2020.

We love the Minti Shimmer Skirt and had great difficulty choosing between all the different colours available. So, after a long deliberation we gave up and purchased them all!

The Minti Shimmer Skirt is extremely versatile and easy to wear. Deciding on a favourite would come down to personal preference. They can be worn in Winter over a pair of tights with a long sleeve t-shirt and a cardigan. Or in Summer with a short sleeve tee, a tank top or over you bathers to and from the beach.

Minti Skirt Shimmer Blue Minti Skirt Shimmer Ballet Pink Minti Skirt Shimmer Raspberry Pink Minti Skirt Shimmer White Minti Skirt Shimmer Yellow

The Minti Winter Shimmer Skirt is available in royal blue and silver, ballet pink and silver, raspberry pink and silver, white and silver and lastly, yellow and silver.



Minti Winter Jumpers and Hoodies for Girls (Outerwear)

Due to its similarity we have decided to classify Minti Hoodies for girls and Minti Jumpers for girls together.

Both are made from heavier weighted furry cotton; the fabric is brushed on the inside during production to give it a fleecy feel. You know the saying…” if it is fleecy, it is cosy”. Both have side pockets, ribbed hems and self-cuffs. But only the one has a hood.

Minti Crew Jumper Winter Foliage   Minti Hoodie Sleepy Koala Furry Hood

Our favourite Minti Winter Jumpers and Minti Winter Hoodies for girls are the Minti Winter Foliage Furry Crew and the Minti Sleepy Koala Furry Hood with its super cute black pom pom detail on the hood.



Minti Winter T-Shirts for Girls

Minti Winter T-Shirts for girls are a great base layer to wear with your Minti skirt, leggings or trackie set.

Minti long sleeve t-shirts for girls are made from 100% cotton. They are light weighted and designed with self-cuffs and often a curved dropped back hem.

Minti t-shirts for girls are true to size and up-sizing is not recommended.

Minti T-Shirt Forest Friends   Minti T-Shirt Watercolor Bunny   Minti T-Shirt Magical Seahorse

Our favourite Minti Winter T-Shirts for girls are the Minti Forest Friends Tee, the Minti Watercolour Bunny Tee and the Minti Magical Seahorse Tee.



Minti Winter Leggings for Girls

So, you have picked out a few Minti dresses for your daughter. And you grabbed a skirt and long sleeve tee combo too. Now it is time to pick out a pair of Minti leggings to tie in with your choices. We don’t want her little legs to get cold after all.

The Minti Winter Leggings for girls this season have an awesome space/disco theme and are called Party Tights. We like the sound of those! Available in 3 different colours, silver, metallic and rose gold. They are designed to be worn with any of the Minti Winter two zero two zero range and will add a little sparkle to your little one’s day.

Minti Leggings Flower  Minti Leggings Party Tights  Minti Leggings Party Tights   Minti Leggings Precious Gems

If metallic party tights are not your thing (no judging, they are not for everyone) we also have a couple of classic style Minti leggings. Available in either black with a precious gem print which matches perfectly with the Minti Precious Gems Furry Dress or a pair of rose-pink leggings with a flower print on both knees.

The classic Minti leggings style are made from 100% stretchy cotton. Both are designed with an elastic waist for easy dressing and comfort.



Minti Winter Velvet for Girls

The Minti Winter Velvet range for girls is so awesome we decided to pop it into a category of its own!

Rock Your Baby has been the front leader when it came to Velvet clothing styles for kids. But with Minti’s brilliant idea of mixing Velvet and Tie-Dye (didn’t even know that was possible!) they have taken velvet trackie sets and velvet dresses to whole new level.

Minti Velvet Dress Blue Minti Velvet Dress Red Minti Velvet Quilted Bomber Jacket Blue Minti Velvet Quilted Bomber Jacket Red Minti Velvet Trackies Red

The Minti Velvet Quilted Bomber Jacket is available in both blue and red tie dye with a front zip for easy dressing. Wear it with the Minti Velvet Trackies available in red tie dye or over the Minti Velvet Dress in either blue or red tie dye for an outfit so soft she won’t want to take it off.



Minti Winter 20 - two zero two zero collection for Girls 

Minti and Sizing

Minti Size Chart

Minti uses standardised sizing when designing their awesome Winter and Summer ranges. They don’t change their sizing from one season to the next which offers the online shopper confidence when purchasing Minti garments for their kids.

If you are an existing Minti shopper you will be familiar with their sizing and if your little one wore a size 5 tee in Summer he would either still be in a size 5 for Winter or maybe a size 6 if the size 5 Summer tee was more fitted rather than loose.

If you are new to Minti a good rule of thumb is that if your child is an average sized 5 year old a size 5 Minti garment would be their ideal fit. But to be 100% sure you purchase the correct size it is always best to measure you child and compare their measurements to the measurements provided on the Minti size chart.

Please note the measurements provided are not the size of the Minti garment but the size of the individual child.

How to measure:

Ask your child to stand upright against a wall and mark the top of their head. Measure from the top of the head to the floor. Compare that to Minti’s Height measurement. For example, if your child is 110 cm tall a size 5 would be his or her ideal fit.

Chest: Measure around their chest just below their armpits and compare to Minti’s chest measurement.

Hip: Measure around the widest part of their hips and compare it with Minti’s hip measurement.

Inside Leg: This measurement is particularly handy when deciding which size Minti trackies to purchase as some kids have very long torso’s which might affect the overall height measurement. Measure from the start of their crotch to the bottom of their feet along the inside or their leg and compare it to Minti’s measurement on our Minti size chart.



Minti and Afterpay

So, you have picked out a stylish new Minti trackie and Minti hoodie set for you cool little man. Or a gorgeous new Minti dress for your daughter. You are afraid it is going to sell out soon, because it’s Minti, and sometimes Minti dresses or Minti hoodies sell out on launch night!

But it has been a big week expense wise for you with the kids needing new shoes and cheeky Charlie losing his school bag, again. What to do, what to do? Well, you Afterpay it of course!

Did you know Afterpay lets you pick out super awesome Minti outfits for your rad boy or stylish girl today, they can wear it as early as tomorrow and you pay it off over 4 equal instalments? And the best part is…drumroll please…if you pay on time there is no interest charges ever!

To read more about Afterpay see our Afterpay page or head on over to the Afterpay website for a full breakdown of all the T&C’s. It is always good practice to cross your T’s and read your C’s.



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