November 20, 2019


Minti - Your Ultimate Style Guide

Minti - Your Ultimate Style Guide

Minti: So, you love dressing your little boy in cool t-shirts and comfy shorts or your little girl in edgy, easy to wear dresses with unique funky prints? Well, you have a few things in common with the founders and owners of the iconic Australian label, Minti.

Minti was founded out of a desire to create unique cool kid clothes with prints that Nick and Amy, the owners of Minti, themselves would want to wear. That is if they were kids themselves.

Minti is made for kids, who like to wear clothes that are comfy and unique. With bold fresh prints that they can relate too. Kids brains are very creative and unbounded. Very similar to the creative minds behind the brand.

If only we could all be this cool when we grow up!

We have been following the brand for years. My girls have grown up in their dresses and hoodies. You could say we are Minti experts or extremist. (Meeting Minti’s owners for the first time was very embarrassing to say the least. It was like meeting Brad Pitt and Jenifer Aniston but only cooler.)

So, you have bought a few Minti dresses before. Or the odd t-shirt or pair of shorts. Or maybe you have only recently discovered the awesomeness of Minti. Prepare yourself to be blown away!

I am sure you have a few questions regarding sizing. Or the general fit and feel of their garments. Do their clothes wash well? Do they fade? How does their sizing compare to Rock Your Baby? Or to Munster Kids?

That is why we have created the Minti Style Guide, to help trend-savvy mumma’s like you find the right style and size for your mini muse. Life with kids is busy, who has time to organise a return or an exchange? No, you want to get it right the first time.

Here are our top 8 popular Minti styles for boys and girls to give you a hand in picking out the perfect style for your kids:

(If you can’t wait to scroll down for the full details – feel free to click on any of the styles in the summary below)

  1. Minti T-shirts for Boys
  2. Minti Singlets for Boys
  3. Minti Shorts for Boys
  4. Minti Trackies for Boys
  5. Minti T-Shirts for Girls
  6. Minti Dresses for Girls
  7. Minti Tee Style Dresses for Girls
  8. Minti Playsuits for Girls

Minti T-shirts for Boys

Minti T-Shirts for Boys

You may have a little boy at home who likes dressing himself? Who will only wear prints and colours that are cool and funky? A boy who likes Sporty Tigers, Happy Dragons or a Dog pack of Sausage Dogs? Sounds like you have a Minti kid on hand. Only cool and comfy will do.

We love Minti t-shirts for boys. Not only do they have the coolest prints in town, but they are made from super soft 100% cotton. Let’s be honest, if it is not comfortable a toddler will not wear it!

They wash well, because we all know kids and mess go hand in hand. Just pop them in the washing machine with similar colours.

And with their cool, funky prints, your little one will stand out in the crowd.

We have compared the Minti Surfing Buddies T-Shirt with the Rock Your Baby Aloha T-Shirt and the Munster Kids Quiver Tee. They all have very similar sizing with a few differences.

The Minti Surfing Buddies T-Shirt is 2 cm shorter than the Rock Your Baby Aloha T-Shirt, half a cm wider with longer sleeves.

The Minti Surfing Buddies T-Shirt is the same length as the Munster Kids Quiver Tee, a cm wider with similar length sleeves.

 Minti Cool T-Shirt Minti Major Tom T-Shirt Minti Ready to Roll Penguin T-Shirt Minti Sporty Tigers T-Shirt

Pictured from left to right: Minti Cool Tee, Minti Major Tom Tee, Minti Ready To Roll Penguin Tee and Minti Sporty Tigers Tee.


Minti Singlets for Boys

Minti Singlets for Boys

Living in the hotter parts of Australia like Queensland and New South Wales mean you have a little one who gets rather hot and bothered during the Summer months. Playing is hard work after all.

That is why we love Minti Singlets for boys. They have the same cool prints and quirky names as Minti T-Shirts for boys but in a cool (pun intended) sleeveless style.

Minti often repeat prints, and your boys favourite print may even be available in both a Minti T-Shirt and a Minti Singlet. Or sometimes the print is even available in a dress. Perfect for mumma’s who enjoy dressing their boys and girls in matching prints!

Minti Singlets for Boys are made from the same fabric as Minti T-Shirts for boys. The 100% cotton fabric is super soft and breathable. Perfect for keeping your little one cool.

We compared the Minti Wild One Singlet with the Rock Your Baby Happiness Singlet. The Minti Wild One Singlet is 5 cm longer and 1 cm wider than the Rock Your Baby Happiness Singlet.

Minti Wild Ones Singlet Minti Okay Singlet

Pictured from left to right: Minti Wild One Singlet and Minti Okay Singlet.

Minti Shorts for Boys

Minti Shorts for Boys

Minti’s awesomeness is not limited to cool prints and quirky product names. In fact, their shorts are pretty epic too and much loved by mums of boys.

Minti know boys like to play and muck around. Their shorts are designed to allow for play and moving around in a way only a toddler boy can do. Do they ever stop!?

Super comfortable, they are made from a thicker quality cotton that can withstand a bit of rough housing and the odd tumble, while still being soft to the touch.

Boasting of numerous pockets, side pockets, front pockets, back pockets, you name it. So many locations to keep treasures in!

Minti Shorts for Boys are true to size. We compared the Minti Sliced Shorts with the Rock Your Baby Sand Smash Shorts and the Munster Kids Shark Fleece Shorts.

The Minti Sliced Shorts is half a cm narrower in the waist and half a cm shorter than the Rock Your Baby Sand Smash Shorts.

The Minti Sliced Shorts is 1.5 cm narrower in the waist and 1.5 cm shorter than the Munster Kids Shark Fleece Shorts.

Minti Clash Short Minti Sliced Short Minti Hendrix Short Minti Gusset Denim Short

Pictured from left to right: Minti Clash Shorts, Minti Sliced Shorts, Minti Hendrix Shorts and Minti Gusset Denim Shorts.


Minti Trackies for Boys

Minti Trackies for Boys

Minti trackies for boys is arguably one of their most popular Minti clothing items for boys. At $64.95 for a pair of kids trackies you would expect something amazing. And amazing is what you get. Minti trackies will be your kids most loved and worn item during the cooler Winter months.

Minti trackies for boys are designed to be comfortable and promote movement but they are also build to last. We all know active kids are going to spend a lot of time playing on their knees, climbing play equipment and playing outside. Made from a thicker cotton fabric that won’t only keep your toddler warm during Winter but that will also withstand the odd pull and snag.

Minti trackies for boys are available all year round, but in more styles and colours during the cooler Winter season. Minti trackies are meant to be worn mixed and matched with any Minti t-shirt, jumper or hoodie. We find matching odd colours and prints often results in the coolest Minti outfit for boys. Life is short, fashion should be fun.

You can also wear your Minti trackies with hoodies and jumpers from other cool kid labels like Munster Kids and Rock Your Baby. Rock Your Baby hoodies can often have very bold and distinctive prints, wear them with Minti trackies in neutral colours. Munster Kids hoodies and jumpers often have understated prints in neutral tones which pairs back nicely with bold printed Minti trackies.

Minti trackies for boys are designed with a plethora of pockets. Well designed pockets to keep little hands nice and toasty during Winter, with cool Minti logo embroidery or zip details.

We compared the Minti Cluster Trackies with the Munster Kids Crystal Pant. They were both similarly sized in the waist but the Minti Cluster Trackies were 6 cm shorter than the Munster Kids Crystal Pant.

 Minti Ace Trackies Minti Cluster Trackies

Pictured from left to right: Minti Ace Trackies and Minti Cluster Trackies.

Minti T-Shirts for Girls

Minti T-Shirts for Girls

From sassy slogans, heart felt sayings to quirky prints and terrific tie-dyes, Minti t-shirts for girls are diverse and unique, and you will find something suitable for just about any personality. Cheeky or girlie, whimsical or playful, just add a pair of shorts and she’s ready to go!

Minti T-Shirts for girls are made from super soft 100% cotton, often with rolled up sleeves and a dropped back hem. They are designed with comfort in mind and promote play and an active lifestyle.

We compared the Minti Sleepy Swan Tee with the Rock Your Baby Love Thy Neighbour Tee. The Minti Sleepy Swan Tee is half a cm wider in the waist, 1 cm longer in length and has longer sleeves than the Rock Your Baby Love Thy Neighbour Tee.

Minti Lacey Tee Minti To Infinity Tee Minti Artsy Tee Minti Sleepy Swan Tee 

Pictured from left to right: Minti Lacey Tee, Minti To Infinity Tee, Minti Artsy Tie Tee and the Minti Sleepy Swan Tee.

Minti Dresses for Girls

Minti Dresses for Girls

Available all year round in a short sleeve version during Summer and a long sleeve version in Winter. Minti Dresses have unique bold prints, often repeating one print in a variety of colours. From sweet florals and abstract shapes to mermaids and skating Llamas. Because who wouldn’t want to wear a dress with a skating Llama on it!?

Minti Dresses for Girls are made from 100% cotton, they are designed with comfort in mind and made to last. This isn’t Minti’s first rodeo. They have been designing clothes for years and have a very good working relationship with their factories.

Minti dresses are generously sized and upsizing is not recommended. We have compared the Minti Daisies and Other Things Dress in muted green with the Rock Your Baby Flower Power Mabel Dress.

The Minti Daisies and Other Things Dress and the Rock Your Baby Flower Power Dress were the same length but the Minti dress was 6 cm wider in the waist. This is mostly due to the fact that the Rock Your Baby Flower Power Dress is meant to be worn fitted. But also reflects Minti’s generous sizing.

Minti Icypoles Dress Minti Pool Party Dress Minti Swan Garden Dress Minti Artsy Dress

Pictured from left to right: Minti Icypoles Dress, Minti Pool Party Dress, Minti Swan Garden Dress and Minti Artsy Dress.

Minti Tee Style Dresses for Girls

Minti Tee Style Dresses for Girls

We love the Minti Tee Style Dresses for girls so much we decided to create an entire category for it! The Tee style dress is very unique to Minti and is one of their most popular dress styles.

Designed for girls who love wearing dresses but without all the unnecessary tulle and sparkles. It is super comfortable to wear and won’t blow up in the wind.

True to its name, this dress resembles a t-shirt but longer in the length. They often have rolled up sleeves for that extra cool touch and side pockets for keeping little hands and treasures safe.

A more fitted look but still generous in length and sizing. We compared the Minti Wham Rolled Up Tee Dress with the Rock Your Baby Purple Haze Waisted Dress. The Minti Wham Rolled Up Tee Dress is 1 cm longer in length and 5.5 cm wider in the waist.

Minti Skating Llamas Dress Minti Wham Rolled Up Tee Dress Minti Daze Dress Minti Pineapples Rolled Up Tee Dress

Pictured from left to right: Minti Lovely Llamas Dress, Minti Wham Rolled Up Tee Dress, Minti Daze Dress and Minti Pineapples Rolled Up Tee Dress.

Minti Playsuits for Girls

Minti Playsuits for Girls

Do you have a little girl at home who refuses to wear dresses!? Have no fear, you are not alone. That is why Minti has created their super cool playsuits for girls.

The same awesome prints and designs as their dresses but in playful playsuits. Life is complete!

They are easy to put on and off, generously sized with snap clips at the shoulders. Nice big clips little girls can manage themselves. With a drawstring waist to lend it a more fitted look.

We love Minti playsuits for girls. They are perfect for trips to the playground, hanging upside down on the monkey bars and just about any kids’ party you can think off. They won’t flare up at trampoline parties, nor will they ride up at climbing parties or indoor play centres.

Every girl should have at least two playsuits in her wardrobe if you ask me!

Minti playsuits for girls are true to size. Upsizing is not recommended. We compared the Minti Cosmic Playsuit with the Rock Your Baby Love Thy Neighbour Playsuit. The Minti Cosmic Playsuit is 6 cm wider in the waist and 7 cm loner than the Rock Your Baby Love Thy Neighbour Playsuit.

Minti Cosmic Playsuit

Pictured: Minti Cosmic Playsuit.

Minti Sizing

Minti Size Guide

Minti garments are true to size. They use standardised sizing when designing their garments. As seen above there are only minor differences between Rock Your Baby, Munster Kids and Minti sizing. And those differences are attributed to the individual garments design and how it is meant to look when worn.

A good rule of thumb is if your child is 5 years old a size 5 Minti t-shirt, short or dress would be his/her ideal size. Upsizing is not recommended. Minti’s garments are designed to be loose fitted with plenty of room to promote play and an active lifestyle.

Minti’s size chart measurements are not the measurement of the garment but the measurement of the child who is planning on wearing an awesome Minti outfit.

So, how do you measure your child?

Height: Ask your boy or girl to stand upright, with their back against a wall. Measure from the top of their head to the floor.

Chest: Ask your boy of girl to stand away from the wall with their arms slightly raised. Measure around their chest starting from just underneath their armpits.

Hip: Ask your boy and/or girl to stand upright with their feet slightly apart (hip wide). Measure around the widest area of their hips.

Inside Leg: Ask your boy or girl to stand upright with their legs slightly apart. Measure from the top of their inside leg to the floor.

For more information please refer to our Minti Size Chart.



Annie and Islabean - Leading Minti Stockists

Leading Australian Minti Stockist - Annie and Islabean

Annie and Islabean is a leading Australian Minti Stockist. Each season we stock a huge variety of Minti t-shirts and shorts for boys and Minti dresses, tees and skirts for girls.

We love Minti and 2 of our favourite days during the year are when we get to visit Minti headquarters and view the next season styles. I am not going to lie, choosing our favourites are not easy. They are all good.

This year, Annie and Islabean hosted their very first photoshoot. Our Minti and Littlehorn Summer Styles hadn’t arrived yet. But after a short email to Minti, they were generous enough to loan us their samples. How awesome is that!?

We know and love the brand and if you every have any questions regarding Minti or Minti sizing please feel free to contact us.



Minti Summer 2019 Collection

Minti Summer 2019 Collection

The Minti Summer 2019 Collection saw some of the cutest Minti prints to date and the return of all our favourite Minti styles including singlets for boys and tee style dresses for girls.

Some of our favourite Minti styles for boys this Summer are the cute Ready To Roll Penguin Tee, the Sporty Tigers Tee and Sporty Tiger Tee (yup, the print is so cool it is available in two t-shirts.) and the Minti Cool Tee. The later being very cool, indeed.

For Girls we love the Mermaid Party Dress with its pretty frill sleeve detail, the Skating Llamas Tee Style Dress, the Artsy Dress and the Minti and Daisies print available in a dress, tee style dress and a playsuit. Triple the fun!

Every season we expand our Minti range to include more outfits for boys and girls and one of our favourite past times here at Annie and Islabean is to see which Minti styles you choose and love best. 

Our other favourite past time of course is to visit Minti Headquarters ourselves and to pick out our favourites. We love it when our favourites and your favourites align. 


Accessorise your Minti outfit

 Minti Clothing for Kids

So, you have bought a cool Minti outfit for your little dude or girl. Excellent choice! Minti is the best.

But how do you style Minti outfits for kids? Which shoes wears best with Minti? Can you mix Minti clothes with other brands?

With Minti we find more is less. Minti prints and clothes are cool already, therefore you don’t need a lot of accessories or bling to complete your Minti look.

But if you wanted to add another wow factor to your boy or girl’s Minti outfit we recommend a cool cap or an awesome pair of sunglasses from We are Sons and Daughters. Both Snapback caps and Sunnies are SunSmart choices. -  SunSmart is always the better choice when spending a day out under the harsh Australian sun.

Converse is hands down our favourite brand of shoes to wear with Minti clothing. Converse and Minti go hand in hand like a mac and cheese, milk and cookies or toddlers and tantrums.

Both Minti and Converse are effortlessly cool and designed to be comfortable. You can’t look cool when your toes are being pinched or you have bark in your sandals.

We recommend Converse all year round. A pair of hightop Converse with tights pairs perfectly with any Minti dress during Winter. In Summer we recommend styling your Minti clothes with regular Converse sneakers and no-show socks.

Minti shorts and trackies are epic. Minti has perfected the design of their shorts and trackies over the years. They are made from a thicker cotton and boasts of enough pockets to keep any toddler happy.

Best part is you can pair Minti trackies or shorts with just about any of their tees or hoodies. But we also find they look rather awesome when you wear them with t-shirts and hoodies from other cool kid brands like Munster Kids, Rock Your Baby, Littlehorn and OOVY.

We love pairing Paper Wings skirts with Minti tees for girls. Paper Wings clothing are more elaborate and delicate. When pairing it with Minti and a pair of Converse you can easily transform your frilly outfit to a more relaxed street-style look.

Minti Daze Dress Minti Marble Tee Minti Dotty Denim Pinafore Minti Board Stack Tee Minti Dome Chambray Dress

Pictured from left to right: 1. Minti Daze Dress and black hightop Converse. 2. Minti Marble Tee and Minti Gusset Denim Shorts with black hightop Converse. 3. Minti Lacey Tee and Minti Dotty Denim Pinafore with white hightop Converse. 4. Minti Board Stack Tee and Minti Sliced Shorts and black hightop Converse. 5. Minti Dome Chambray Dress with black Converse.

Minti Afterpay

So, you have found the perfect Minti outfit for you boy (lucky kid!). Or you little girl shopped online and picked a few Minti dresses she adores! She promises she will wear them every day! But your paycheck is not until Tuesday…what to do?

Well, you Afterpay it of course! That is what Afterpay is for.

Buy your super stylish, incredibly awesome Minti outfits today, we dispatch it same day, and you pay for it later. And no interest charges, ever!

Not sure how Afterpay works? You can read all about it on our Afterpay page on on the Afterpay website.



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I Love Minti - Fun facts about Minti

Here are few fun facts about Minti you may or may not know about.

  1. Minti’s Instagram handle is @iloveminti even though the handle @minti is still up for grabs.
  2. Minti garment tags are stickers! Yep, that is correct and incredibly awesome, just peel off the back of the garment tag and stick it onto your favourite notebook, lunchbox or wall at home. ;D I am very embarrassed to admit that it took me a good 7 years to work this out.
  3. Owners, Nick and Amy design all the prints themselves, unlike other popular kid brands who sometimes use famous artist or graphic designers in some of their designs and prints. They are also the creative brains behind the quirky product names.
  4. Nick and Amy also own, Littlehorn Kids. That is why you will sometimes see overlapping prints between the 2 brands. And the same awesome quality.
  5. Minti’s warehouse is located in the heart of Melbourne, each season they run a very fabulous warehouse sale containing samples and previous season styles. You also get to meet the owners, who are super nice, and worth the trip in itself.
  6. Nick and Amy founded Minti, prior to having kids. They had this vision to create something awesome and quirky. Not only for their own kids but for all the kids in