February 05, 2020


Munster Kids –  Wildside Winter 20 Style Guide

Munster Kids Winter 20 style Guide


Munster Kids are notorious for their tie-dye prints, mixing and matching a variety colours with pleasing results. They don’t typecast colours and often include either pink or magenta in their boys’ range.

Not sure how Munster Kids sizing is like? We have compared Munster Kids garments with similar clothing styles from Minti and Rock Your Baby. We take a look at the Munster Kids Winter 20 collection for boys including their awesome trackies, crewneck jumpers, hoodies, beanies and t-shirts.
  1. Munster Kids Track Pants
  2. Munster Kids Crewneck Jumpers
  3. Munster Kids Hoodies
  4. Munster Kids T-Shirts
  5. Munster Kids Beanies

Munster Kids – The surf, skate and urban lifestyle brand for boys.

Do you have a little surfer buddy at home? Or perhaps a thrill-seeking skater boy? Or a little dude that has had grazes on his knees more times than you can count? Then Munster Kids garments are designed with your little adventure seeker in mind.

Munster Kids is an iconic Australian fashion label for boys, who bases their designs on a mix of urban street culture and a surf/skate lifestyle. Made with durability and comfort in mind, with edgy prints and colours.



Munster Kids Track Pants

Munster Kids trackie pants are iconic for their superior design and durability. Munster Kids have perfected the design of their track pants over the years and are arguably one of the best trackie pants for boys available in Australia.

Made from a super soft and stretchy cotton/elastane blend and available in a variety of thickness to allow for personal preference and to accommodate the different temperatures we experience during an Australian Winter.

Boasting of a plethora of pockets, Munster Kids trackie pants has deep front pockets with a double stitch and a couple of back pockets with a Munster Kids logo patch.

Munster Kids Upside Traclpants Munster Kids Upside Trackpant for Boys Munster Kids Upside Trackpant Back Pockets Munster Kids Upside Track Pants Tie Dye Munster Kids PKT Track Pant 

Munster Kids Trackie Pants has an elastic waist with an adjustable drawstring tie to ensure the perfect fit for all body types with self-cuffs which can be rolled up or down to allow for a little growth. 

We compared the Munster Kids Crystal Pant with the Minti Cluster Trackies and found both to be similar in size in the waist. The Munster Kids trackies measured 6 cm shorter than the Minti trackies.


Munster Kids Crewneck Jumpers

Munster Kids Crewneck Jumpers for boys are all about the little details. Available during the cooler Winter months in a variety of prints and colours. Often represented in one or two infamous Munster Kids tie-dye prints.

Munster Kids Crewneck Jumpers are made from a super soft and warm cotton/elastane blend with ribbing around the neck, hem and self-cuffs. Often with super cool thumb holes in the sleeve cuffs.

The Munster Kids bandit embroidery patch can often be found on the front left side of the Crewneck Jumper and is almost as well-known as the Munster Kids logo itself.

Munster Kids Downside Crewneck Jumper Munster Kids Downside Crewneck Jumper Munster Kids Downside Crewneck Jumper for Boys Munster Kids Downside Crewneck Jumper for Boys Munster Kids Downside Crewneck Jumper Tie Dye

The Munster Kids Crewneck Jumpers often have matching trackie pants in similar colours and prints. They are designed to be worn either with their matching trackie pant or mixed with any of the other Munster Kids trackies from the same collection.

We will compare a Munster Kids Crewneck Jumper with a Minti and/or Rock Your Baby Crewneck Jumper as soon as our Winter stock arrives. Please check back on a later date for a more in-depth sizing comparison.


Munster Kids Hoodies

Munster Kids Hoodies for boys are designed with comfort and warmth in mind. Similar to Munster Kids Crewneck Jumpers for boys they pay a lot of attention to detail during the design and manufacturing process.

Both the Munster Kids Hoodies and Munster Kids Crewneck Jumpers have a Munster bandit embroidery on the front left side and thumb holes in the sleeve cuffs. The Munster Kids Hoodie for boys comes with a drawstring hood and a front kangaroo pocket for extra warmth.

Made from think 100% cotton fleece, your little dude will be snug as a bug in a rug. Layer it over a Munster Kids Long Sleeve tee and he will be ready for the skate park.

Munster Kids Seal Hoodie Munster Kids Seal Hoodie for Boys Munster Kids Seal Hoodie Camo Munster Kids Seal Hoodie Backside Munster Kids Seal Hoodie Winter 20

Munster Kids often design matching trackie pants to wear with the Munster Kids Hoodies. At Annie and Islabean we love a good matching trackie set. But if the top and bottom print is too much for you the Munster Kids Hoodies are designed to be worn with any of the Munster Kids trackies from the same Winter collection.

We will compare the Munster Kids Seal Hoodie with the Rock Your Baby Bandits Hoodie as soon as our stock arrives. Please check back around the end of February.


Munster Kids T-Shirts

Munster Kids T-Shirts for boys are available all year round in a short sleeve and a long sleeve tee. Munster Kids understand that sometimes boys get hot when they play and prefer a short sleeve tee as a base layer even during the colder Winter months.

As for Summer, they produce a long sleeve tee to accommodate cooler Spring and Summer evenings. Especially once the sun goes down and sun-kissed skin needs a longer layer to keep it warm.

Munster Kids t-shirts for boys are made from 100% cotton jersey. Super soft and breathable, to prevent the over-heating in thrill-seeking kids.

 Munster Kids Flood T-Shirt Blue Tie DyeMunster Kids Flood Tee Munster Kids Flood T-Shirt Munster Kids Flood T-Shirt for Boys Munster Kids Flood T-Shirt Back

Unlike Munster Kids Hoodies and Munster Kids Crewneck Jumpers, Munster Kids T-Shirts for boys often have subdued prints and colours. They are designed to tie in and compliment the busier Munster Kids prints often found in the Munster Kids Hoodies and Munster Kids Crewneck Jumpers.

We compared the Munster Kids Flood Short Sleeve Tee with the Rock Your Baby Big Deal T-Shirt. The Munster Kids Flood Tee is 2 cm shorter and half a cm narrower than the Rock Your Baby T-Shirt. The Munster Kids T-Shirt has wider and longer sleeves than the Rock Your Baby tee.


Munster Kids Beanies

Munster Kids beanies are designed with active surf coast kids in mind. Available in plain base colours or an edgy tie dye print to compliment the current Winter collection and can be worn with just about any of the Munster Kids Winter 20 outfits for boys.

Munster Kids Beanies are made from a cotton/polyester blend. Their super stretchy cable knit beanies come in one size and is suitable for kids aged 2 – 10 years.

Munster Kids Beanies are unisex and look pretty cool when worn with an outfit from their sister brand, Missie Munster.

Munster Kids Grrr Beanie Munster Kids Grrr Beanie Mustard Munster Kids Grrr Beanie Boys Munster Kids Grrr Beanie Navy Munster Kids Grrr Beanie One Size fit all


Munster Kids and Missie Munster | The perfect match

Like a good bowl of Macaroni and Cheese, Munster Kids and Missie Munster is a winning combo when you have a boy and girl at home.

Designed and owned by the same owners, both Missie Munster and Munster Kids are trend-forward Australian children’s fashion labels. Their designs are inspired by the cheeky nature of every kid, with a mix of kid’s themes and adult styling. The result is one satisfied kid and a slightly jealous adult. If only Missie Munster and Munster Kids garments were available in adult sizes!

Munster Kids and Missie Munster

Sadly, they don’t share prints between the Missie Munster and Munster Kids ranges. (How awesome would that be!?) Still there is a signature style and certain aesthetic appeal to both Missie and Munster’s’ designs and prints that matches and compliments the other.


Munster Kids Sizing 

Munster Kids Size Guide

Although the Munster Kids size chart can be construed as a little bit limiting in its information, we find that Munster Kids, Rock Your Baby and Minti all have very similar sizing.

The differences in sizing between the brands and individual garments are often a result of a design choice and how the brand visualises the garment should fit on any given child. 

For example, Munster Kids t-shirts for boys are slightly shorter and narrower than Rock Your Baby tees for boys but the Munster Kids t-shirts have wider and longer sleeves. Both a size 2 Rock Your Baby T-Shirts and a size 2 Munster Kids T-Shirts, would fit an average sized 2-year-old boy. But they would look slightly different with the shorter, narrower sleeves of the Rock Your Baby t-shirt resulting in a more fitted look.

To determine the correct size for your individual child, measure them from the top of their heads to the bottom of their feet and compared their full body length measurement with the height measurement on the Munster Kids Size Chart.


Munster Kids and Afterpay

Munster Kids new collection launches has its fair share of hype and excitement which usually results in one or two Munster Kids garments selling out during the launch period.

We don’t want you to miss out in grabbing a stylish Munster outfit for your little guy, therefore we offer both Afterpay and Zippay as a layby option. 

Afterpay allows you to purchase your new super cool Munster Kids outfit today, get it dispatched on the same day and then pay it off in 4 equal weekly instalments. Best part – if you pay on time, there is no interest charges. Ever!

For more information on how Afterpay works please see out Afterpay page or visit the Afterpay website to hear it straight form the source.


Shoes to go with your Munster Kids outfit

So, you have just bought your little dude a new Munster Kids outfit or two. Sweet! But now you are wondering which shoes should he wear with his Munster tee and trackies. Well the short answer is Converse. And the long answer is…also Converse.

Munster Kids and Vance Shoes

They are super comfy and match just about any Munster Kids outfit you can throw at them. We like to purchase our Cons from Tiptoe and Co.

Munster Kids the brand styles their models either in Vance or Converse shoes during their photoshoots. And since they are slightly more creatively stylish then us here at Annie and Islabean we thought we would give Vance shoes a mention too.

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