MINTI - Cool Kid Clothes for Boys & Girls

Minti is a Melbourne based kids clothing label, known for their cool prints and easy to wear styles. Minti base their clothing designs and prints on things they would want to wear if they were kids. Cool kids, that is.
Each Minti season is a mix of old and new prints on the same Minti styles we have known and loved for years like the iconic Minti hoodies, Minti jumpers, Minti dresses and awesome Minti trackies.
We love Minti for their effortlessly cool prints and the superior quality of their garments. Minti clothes for kids are made from 100% cotton. Comfortable and tough enough to withstand the every day adventures of a toddler.
Minti garments are true to size with room to grow. If you child is 4 years old a size 4 Minti outfit would be his or her ideal fit. Please see our Minti size chart for more details. For more sizing info and how to style your Minti outfit see our Minti Winter 20 - the two zero two zero collection.
The Minti Winter two zero two zero collection is now available online at Annie and Islabean.