Rock Your Baby T-Shirts for Boys

When it comes to Rock Your Baby T-Shirts for Boys, "Punk Rock" and "Retro" is the name of the game. Distinctive prints with a retro Rock 'N Roll vibe in base colours boys want to wear. Now that is what I call a winning combo!
Made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, often with capped sleeves for a more rounded look. Available all year round in either a short sleeve T-Shirt during Summer or a long sleeve T-Shirt during the colder Winter months.
Each season we see new one-of-a-kind prints and a few iconic prints from the past. The Summer 19 collection was no different with a brand new print in the Ex-T Rex Tee. It was one of the most popular prints for the season and sold out on launch night. Whereas the Rock Your Baby Inked T-Shirt made a comeback as a past season print and was similarly popular by Rock Your Baby die-hard fans.
Sizing: Rock Your Baby T-Shirts are true to size. Meaning if your son is six years of age, a size 6 would be his ideal fit. But kids come in all sorts of sizes and builds therefore we have compared Rock Your Baby T-Shirts for Boys with Minti tees and Munster Kids tees.
Compared to Minti the Rock Your Baby T-Shirts for boys are 2 cm longer, half a cm narrower with shorter sleeves. Lending the Rock Your Baby T-Shirt a more fitted look, especially around the shoulders and arms.
Compared to Munster Kids the Rock Your Baby T-Shirt was 2 cm longer, half a cm wider in the waist and again it had shorter sleeves than the Munster Kids tee. 
Care Instructions: Rock Your Baby garments are designed for kids to be worn all day, every day. With that in mind most of their garments are machine washable.
For Rock Your Baby T-Shirts for boys we recommend washing the garment inside out in a cold cycle. Never bleach, soak or wring dry your tee. This may cause damage to the print. Line dry and iron on the reverse. Do not iron directly on the print.
Afterpay available.

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