Sending a gift


How to send a gift.

At Annie and Islabean we love sending gifts on behalf of people knowing that the recipient will be pleasantly surprised and happy when their parcel arrives. We call them “Happy parcels” and we take extra care in wrapping them beautifully and including gift tags and small messages.

There are a couple of ways for you to communicate to us that a parcel is intended as a gift.

Option 1:

Select all the beautiful items you wish to send as a gift. Click on the “checkout” button once you are done selecting your gift.

 How to send a gift at Annie and Islabean


This will take you straight to the checkout page. Please click on “cart” in the top left corner of your screen.

Annie and Islabean sending gifts to your loved ones


Now you will be able to view your cart, make sure you’ve added the correct styles and sizes.

Sending gifts - Annie and Islabean


Please scroll down to where you will see a little tick box which you need to select if you want us to wrap your gift. Gift wrapping is free of charge.

Free Gift wrapping at Annie and Islabean


Underneath the tick box you have the option to include a small message with your gift. Our gift tags are also free, but please note they are small so for longer messages we will display the full message on the gift receipt instead.

When checking out complete the shipping address page by filling in the recipient’s details and fill in your own details as the billing address. The gift receipt displays both the recipients address and from whom (the billing address) the gift was sent from.


Option 2:

When we receive a parcel where the shipping address and the billing address aren’t the same, we assume this is intended as a gift and instead of including a regular packing slip, we include a git receipt instead in case the recipient needs to contact us.

Gift receipts do not contain any pricing information on them. Only an order number, a list of items purchased and our contact information. If you leave a note in the notes section on the cart page this message is also displayed on the gift receipt. 

Please note that if you place an order using option 2, we do not automatically gift wrap the contents of your parcel.


Option 3:

After placing your order, please email us to let us know your order is intended as a gift. We will manually update the order to “gift status”. If you wish to include a note, please include this in your email as well. 

If you have any questions or need any help selecting a gift please contact us any time.